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Over the last 25 years, TAG’s products have routinely become the gold standard in the field.

Our Process

Assess Feasibility

Develop Product

Create Prototype

Refine Based on MD Feedback

Manufacture at Scale

Sell to Strategic Player


The Bristow - LATARJET EXPERIENCE Shoulder Instability System

This product was designed by TAG Medical, together with Dr. Laurent Lafosse. The system offers uniquely designed instruments and implants for both BRISTOW as well as LATARJET procedures. It was engineered to improve current techniques and enable better mini-open procedures and anthroscopic procedures.

The innovative system includes over 20 instruments and implants. In creating it, TAG managed to realize the dream of an “all arthroscopic” technique surgery that was open for many years. 

SwitchCut™ Reaming System for Outside-In Approach

The SwitchCut Reaming System for ACL Reconstruction is the first self-flipping retro reaming technology on the market. A user-friendly instrumentation system with a robust design, this innovation includes more than 20 instruments and is a powerful tool for use in ACL tunnel replacement. The patented SwitchCut femoral guide is designed to assist in successfully locating the I.D.E.A.L.™ Femoral Tunnel Location during an ACL procedure.


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